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Find organisations with dedicated funding schemes for different areas of research, including doctoral research projects.


One of the main challenges in starting a research project can be funding, but there are organisations that can help through dedicated funding programmes.


These can include funding schemes for specific projects, as well as personal awards for doctoral and post-doctoral research. 


We’ve listed some below, but your local research and development (R&D) department or Research Design Service (RDS) will be able to help you identify funding schemes that could be a good fit for your work. They may even know about local charities or smaller funding bodies that are looking to support projects just like yours.

If you’re an organisation that offers funding for research and you’d like to be featured on this list, please get in touch.



Here are some short videos as a resource pack for mentors and mentees

Beginning the mentoring relationship

Developing an effective mentoring relationship

Mentoring core competencies

Phases of the mentoring relationship 

The roles of the mentor and mentee

Purpose, direction and goals 

More information available here :

> Resources section

> Leaders development webpage 

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Find links to local research groups, funding programmes and related organisations.

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